Full body cleansing herbs at home.


Before treating any disease you must clean the body, and then leave many problems.

Excellent effect gives you a full body cleansing herbs complex scheme, but you can selectively.

If a man looked inside himself, he immediately understood the reason of his ill health. You could see inside your large intestine 10 kg of feces or 1-2 liters of mucus-like brown algae, in which the swarming worms. Strange growths on the walls of the colon, like jellyfish or mushrooms — so look polyps. In its abdominal cavity, especially the abdomen, you would see a accumulation of mucus.

Particularly shocked would You view your own liver, laced with stones of various colors, of polluted ground. Many kidney sand, and some they stoned. Lungs filled with mucus, and maxillary sinuses are filled with a large amount of manure.

People at the age of 40 years was surprised to find that about ⅓ of the body's cells become old and do not perform their functions. Some of them died and their decomposition poisons the body.

Peculiar smell indicates the process! In addition, they would be considered dirty blood and other things that would have struck them.

Seeing all this, you'd know that the heart is sick from the poisoned blood, poor digestion — from dirty liver, loss of vision and hearing — from the accumulated pus in the head, and hernia and sexual weakness came from the accumulated in the abdomen mucus. All this can be treated with medication, but first we need to remove the physical dirt from the body.


  1. Getting rid of parasites, microbes, fungi, and bacteria
  2. Getting rid of polyps in the intestine, constipation, warts
  3. Cleansing of intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas.
  4. The removal of salts from the joints
  5. The purification of the blood and blood vessels
  6. Cleansing the lungs and bronchi
  7. Cleansing the kidneys
  8. Enhanced immunity

The invisible world of parasites. Getting rid of parasites, microbes, fungi, and bacteria

Don't be afraid of the shock of finding out the truth about your body: it is 10-15% of the mass affected by worms of different kinds. There are about 20 thousand of helminth parasites in the human body. While man is strong and young, the parasites do not create any health problems, but over time, the parasites weaken their host more and more, populating and colonizing a particular organ. Damage and clog the blood vessels, they provide the basis for stroke, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cholecystitis, dyskinesia, cirrhosis of the liver. This disease 3-4 types of worms, Giardia, cat Fluke, fascioliasis. Chronic persistent bronchitis, pneumonia and acute respiratory infections are the result of settling lung alveoli the larvae paragonimoses. Parasites in the process of life emit as many harmful and toxic substances that the body is forced to produce the fatty tissue to dissolve them. Carriers of broad tapeworm bovine tapeworm, and — most fat people. The carriers of the dwarf tapeworm on the body a lot of warts. Dysbiosis — intestinal colonization by non-symbiotic (foreign) microorganisms. Freed from flukes, parasites, you will begin to drop fat and water as a solvent of dirt and immediately you need to clean the intestines and the liver, gallbladder, to bring the dead parasites.

Getting rid of polyps in the intestine, rectum, stomach, papillomas, constipation

Undigested proteins going to clump and fall to the right of the ascending part of the colon "in reserve", and every meal adds new fecal lumps accumulated up to 40 kg in the folds of the pockets for decades. Starts rotting, and the suction system of colon drives into the body of poisons, carcinogens, toxins, decay products that are deposited on the walls of the circulatory system. In addition, the intestine stretches, deforms, compresses and displaces from their places the abdominal organs — the spleen, the stomach and pancreas. When you restore the sigmoid colon develop uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, retroverted uterus. Compressed arteries, veins, nerves. Develop hemorrhoids-varicose around the rectum, constipation, in men, prostatitis, impotence. If you have on the body have polyps, hanging moles, especially on the neck, under the arms etc, it says that you have polyps in the intestines from barely noticeable tubercles up to 3-4 cm in diameter. Polyps does not innocuous. With long-term existence cells polyp can become cancerous. On average, every fifth polyp turns into cancer.

Cleansing the body (intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas)

Liver cleansing starts with four days of training in herbs, during which stones partially dissolved, made soft, and bile ducts to dilate. Blockage of the ducts is possible, if preparation for the procedure carried out in strict accordance with the treatment regimen. These days you can work. On the fifth day begins cleaning. You will be shocked when their eyes will see, what you will. In the morning intestinal cleansing goes up to 10 kg of mud 1-2 bowel movement— are fecal remnants, worms, slime. The whole day is cleaned the liver, gallbladder: stones dissolved out in the form of a jelly or clay, yellow flakes, pus, seeds, film (precancerous). How can you not hurt bearing all this in myself for years? The cleanse lasts two weeks. During this time, lose up to 10 kg, it decreases the stomach. For more effective liver cleanse is recommended this procedure to run 4 times, once a quarter, and then once a year in the spring.

The human body — a self-regulating system, which when soiled, is unable to perform its functions, and the person becomes ill. In the shower washing every day, and inside? That is why attempts to rid of the disease with pills do not work, a variety of expensive creams and masks do not improve the skin. Wrinkles becomes more and each of them corresponds to the slagging of an organ. Wrinkles on the upper lip indicate downtrodden gut, bags under the eyes — kidney killed So it is necessary to buy an expensive cream? Is not it easier to remove the cause of wrinkles, aging your skin, brushing your body? By removing parasites from the body, poisons and toxins metabolism, the function of the endocrine glands, the body weight disappear allergic phenomena, apathy, headaches. Increase efficiency, flexibility, interest in life, improving the complexion, is rejuvenation, wrinkles.

The method of cleaning is prevention.

Almost all people recommended method of cleansing the body to prevent. In the process of long-term use fees side effects have been identified.