Folk remedy for parasites in the human body

Folk remedy for parasites

To rid hell of the parasites should be given special attention. Folk remedy for parasites in the human body are applied for effective elimination of unpleasant symptoms, restoration of impaired function of internal organs. All therapeutic measures are carried out at home, after agreeing their actions with the doctor. How to treat adults and children hell malicious worms? What to do to prevent the phenomenon of the phenomenon?

General information

In the human body can to parasitize one or more species of helminths. When injected inside of the human whole helminth develops active life, taking the body all the nutrients needed to maintain its normal operation. In addition, the parasite produces toxins, which are damaging to tissue and mucous membranes of vital organs.

There are a lot of harmful organisms that can attack the human body. They all differ in size and structure. Their ability to reside in inaccessible places of the human a simple striking. They can be found anywhere: in the head, legs, abdomen and genital organs. Most often, the worms are striking in the small and large intestine, hence the name — intestinal parasites.

The most common parasites in the human body:

  • Flatworms — Fluke, shistosoma, lung (liver) Fluke, etc.
  • Roundworms — Trichinella, Ancylostoma, Ascaris, pinworm, whipworm.
  • Unicellular — Giardia, chlamydia.
  • Fungi (mycoses).
  • Bacteria — streptococci, micrococci, staphylococci.

Each pest when it enters the human body causing any disease. For example:

  • schistosomiasis cause Schistosoma;
  • Antares — pinworms;
  • opisthorchiasis — liver Fluke, etc.

Symptoms the presence of parasites

Bowel problems

With the defeat of the human body by one or more species of parasites following symptoms occur:

  • Disorder stool (diarrhea or constipation). Cause difficult discharge of stool connected with the overlap of the lumen of the intestine the number of parasites. Diarrhea provoked by poisonous substances released helminths in the course of their life.
  • Aching in Celje, joint and muscle pain. This malaise is due to the localization of pests in the muscles and synovial fluid.
  • Allergic skin rash, dermatitis. To remove the painful symptoms is not obtained and even medications.
  • Problems with the appetite. People can't get enough, or, conversely, refuses hell food, while resonating masses are safe.
  • Bloating and flatulence.
  • Tumors malignant nature. Very often cancer patients have a severe infestation of parasites. Cells of one of the bodies, being under the negative influence of toxins helminths, are reborn in cancer. This problem manifests itself after conducting diagnostic tests.

Traditional methods of treating ad parasites in the human body

Cleansing the body of parasites hell folk remedies begins with preparation. Training includes adherence to the therapeutic diet and drinking regime. It is known that parasites love sweets and fatty, but I'm afraid spicy and acidic foods. The characteristic odor and sharp taste to hamper the development of the activity of the worms, act as an antiseptic. Therefore, it is recommended to add more meals and products with a sharp (bitter) taste. The infusion of medicinal plants from wormsList of sharp products:

  • pepper;
  • spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger)
  • onions and garlic;
  • horseradish and mustard.

In compliance with drinking regime should be favored liquids, in which effective anthelmintic properties that ensure the removal of toxic substances and worms from the body. You need to drink more tea, prepare a decoction of herbs. It is recommended to add to the menu of fruit and berry juices, milk drinks. An acidic environment creates unfavorable conditions for the parasite and allows to cleanse the body of harmful waste products.

Recipes against parasites

Anti-parasitic remedies of folk healers and folk medicine all — find for the people who deny treatment drugs for pregnant and lactating women, for younger and older children. All folk remedies from parasites good in its own way, it is possible to opt for any most appropriate and convenient. Traditional methods have the advantage of low cost, allow to purify and recover the hell of worms.

The fruits of coriander

Coriander is a medicinal plant, useful raw materials which are the fruits and essential oil. Powder from the fruit of coriander helps to remove parasites from the body and the toxins. It is easy to cope with the itching and allergic manifestations on the skin. Hell to get rid of parasites in the human body of folk remedies you can use a vermifuge, which is used for cleaning.

Preparation and application:

  • Take 50 grams of fruit.
  • Put in a hot pan.
  • Fry for 5-6 minutes.
  • Grind to a powder.
  • Take ¼ tsp 2 times a day.
  • Therapeutic course is 10 Zen.
Watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds

Deliverance to hell the parasites in the body of folk remedies is V. e use the seeds of melons. Method of preparing a vermifuge:

  • Crushed watermelon seeds using a coffee grinder.
  • To connect with milk (1:10).
  • Drink 200 ml daily on an empty stomach.

Linden or aspen ash

The tool is used for cleaning of the liver and biliary tract, for the removal of parasites: liver Fluke, Giardia, Toxocara, Fluke. First we need to find basswood (aspen) and cut a few branches. Twigs to bring home and burned to obtain the ash. For remedies will need 7 art. L. ash. Regimen:

  • 1, 2, 3 day drink 1 tsp twice a day with ½ Cup of milk or yogurt.
  • From 4 to 7 day drink 1 tsp of ash 1 time a day.
  • To be treated by this method must within 7 Zen.

Ginger root

Ginger is the best remedy hell parasites and extremely useful product which has a bactericidal, choleretic, antioxidant action. Spice allows you to remove and expel the protozoa in the larval stage. And removes from the body toxins and wastes. To combat the parasites use pickled, fresh and dried ginger powder and alcohol tincture.

App number 1:

  • Take of dried root.
  • Yes grind to a powder.
  • Drink 1 tsp 3 times a day with cultured milk drink.
  • The course of treatment — 7 Zen.

Annex 2:

  • Take 0.5 kg of fresh ginger, 0, 5 l of vodka (alcohol).
  • Root to grate.
  • Fold the resulting mixture into a glass jar.
  • Pour the vodka.
  • To insist 2 weeks.
  • Drink 1 tablespoon 4 times a day with food.
  • Deliverance hell helminth lasts about 10 Zen.
Anthelmintics of pumpkin seeds and honey

Pumpkin seeds with honey

Using pumpkin seeds to destroy tapeworms and cleaned the hell other worms. Effective removal of parasites that allows to cope with their larvae and adult individuals, conducted through a healing agent. For its preparation you need to take 100 g of seeds, 2 tbsp of honey. Mix the components and phenomena to eat the drug in two doses. After 2 hours, drink a laxative. Adults and larvae of parasites come out along with faeces.

"Russian triptych"

Effective "Russian triptych" is used for organism cleaning the hell worms, their eggs and other parasitic forms. Herbs have a strong effect on the worms, allowing them to withdraw from the body. Components in the "triad": tansy (2 tsp), wormwood and cloves (1 tsp). The ingredients are ground into powder and mixed. Methods for internal use:

  • 1st day — 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach;
  • 2-nd day — on 1 teaspoon 2 times a day before meals;
  • 3 through 7 day — 1 tsp three times a day.

What to use to treat a child?

This files most often have children identify parasites pinworms. Antirabies easy to cure if detected in time. Therapy children is to expel adult parasites from the intestine. Treatment of parasites folk remedies, unlike medication for children is harmless. It is non-toxic, soft and gentle to the emerging body. Drugs have many contraindications and side effects. Before using any folk method should consult with a pediatrician about the correctness of conducting the cleansing of the body and against parasitic worms.

Natural oils of worms

Natural oils

When the baby sleeps, female pinworms crawl out and lay eggs. Doctors recommend to avoid re-exposure to smear the skin around the anus hemp, pumpkin seed or sea buckthorn oil. And it is also recommended to use oil hedgehog, drip 3-4 drops in a hedgehog in water or tea. Herbal remedies help get rid of the hell of worms, to clean the body and strengthen the immune system.

Pumpkin seeds

The product, known since ancient times for its beneficial properties. The contents in the seeds of a rare amino acid of cucurbitina, provides a good anthelmintic effect that helps fight parasites in the human body. Many parents wonder about how to know how much seed you can give your child. Yes for children seven years of age — 150 g Yes 10 years — 200 g, children — 300 g Giving pumpkin seeds daily, you can save a child from pinworms. Yes, children 3 years to grind the seeds in the water or honey (if no allergies).

Plant tansy

Possesses good anthelmintic properties, it fights parasites. The plant contains toxic substances that poison the worms, so treatment children to use it with caution. It is important to observe the exact dosage of the herb in cooking drinking water. The reception of the sedative is the weight of a child.

Soda solution

Sodium bicarbonate

The alkaline environment created by baking soda in the bowel unfavorable for the life of the parasites. Children put a cleansing enema soda, which take the form of intestinal worms. The fluid consists of ½ tsp of sodium bicarbonate, 250 ml of warm boiled water. Klishirovannyh, preferably before bedtime, after the procedure to lie down for 10 minutes and go to empty the bowel. Body cleansing the blood pressure of the parasites is carried out daily for 7 Zen.

Garlic and onions

Body cleansing the blood pressure of the parasites at home is V. e using garlic and milk. Antiparasitic agent suitable for taking internally and for klishirovannyh. If garlic is not at hand, suitable bulb. The procedure for the preparation of curative drugs against parasites:

  • Crushed 2-3 garlic cloves.
  • Pour a glass of warm milk.
  • The tool is consumed at one time.
  • The course of treatment will be 5 Zen.


To prevent infecting helminths is not always possible. However, if you follow preventive guidelines, the risk of Contracting parasites is reduced by half. Basic rules:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before eating, after street, after visiting the toilet.
  • Do not touch stray animals on the street.
  • If a person has a pet, to hold him antihelminthic prophylaxis every 3 months the owner every 6 months.
  • Skin the morning to spend damp cleaning of premises, ventilate the room.
  • Wash under running water fresh fruit and berries before eating.
  • To expose meat and fish thorough cooking.
  • Don't drink unboiled water from the tap.
  • Avoid swimming in dirty waters.

Preventive measures also warned AB that the appearance of suspicious symptoms in yourself or family members and should immediately contact da doctor and undergo diagnosis. Discovered in time the disease much easier to treat than his running form. In that case, if drug therapy is prohibited, treatment of folk remedies is most successful in the fight against various parasites.