Symptoms of parasites in humans

parasites in the human body

How often people who view pictures, videos, games say to themselves that they never would. Because they constantly wash their hands, do not have Pets, do not eat in public eating places, and cook at home, strictly observing the technology of cooking, do not drink water from open dubious sources. But the answer to all these allegations may be the most that neither is not happy. The world Health Organization gave the facts, which say that in the world die each year about 50 million people, 16 million of them die from parasitic and infectious diseases. Patients who are infected by intestinal helminthes, are in third place.

As you can feel the presence of the petition does not guests in the body? This question is answered in simple and accessible language, Dr. Thomas George. Brooke in "principles of medical Parasitology". He said that worms are one of the oldest human parasites that is so closely settled in the human body, in his guts, organs, and adapted it so that sometimes their presence is a long time for a person is absolutely not noticeable.

The goal of each parasite is disguise. It is important to stay a long time undetected, in order to live longer. And those people who think parasites are stupid very sadly mistaken. It is quite intelligent creatures. Of course, the mind they have not so much developed as in humans, but they are able to survive and reproduce, thus to remain undetected. Most people consider themselves to be normal even with pain, skin problems, constipation, syndrome of chronic fatigue for no apparent reason, frequent colds, and joint pain. But all of these factors should alert the people will make a closer and more caring to treat the person.

Parasites in humans symptoms

The world of parasitic creatures that inhabit the organisms of people is huge. They are of great length, reaching several meters and completely invisible to the eyes of creatures. Undetected for people, they fully occupy their bodies and make them his dwelling. There they live, reproduce, and only some of the signs of parasites in the human body can tell about them.

Each pest has its own specific localization in a living body. For this reason, and changing clinic lesions. But there are common characteristics that are accurate to 75% say that people are infected.

symptoms of parasites in the body

Symptoms of parasites in the body:

  • Intoxication, which is caused by a parasite in the body of the creature. Mostly in such cases often begins to have a headache, lost appetite, nausea and irritability.
  • Allergy, which appears as suddenly as it disappears. From it is almost impossible to remove with dermatological. If the person is prone to allergies infected with parasites, it is more pronounced. This could lead to spasms in the bronchi or by swelling of the mucosa.
  • Anemia is the result of parasitism of worms at the expense of the person. Often those nutrients that he received early enough for good health, but with the advent of worms, the picture changes somewhat. In particular, the body is getting enough iron, which is outwardly manifested as pale skin and frequent attack.
  • Weight loss is expressed on the basis of the battle people with parasites for useful microorganisms. In children it manifests itself most clearly. If under normal diet, the man is exhausted and in addition, not gaining weight, there is every reason to suspect that the reason the parasites.
  • Intermittent hyperthermia, in which the temperature rises to minor labels usually do not exceed 37.5 degrees. At this temperature, there is no signs of possible disease.
  • Bowel disorders are the main symptom of parasites in humans. Manifestations of these disorders can be very diverse. It can be a pain in the abdomen, which is accompanied by flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, rumbling. Often these signs are associated with goiter, which does not disappear even after medication and antibiotic treatment.
  • The predominant attitude towards sweets. Taste preferences often change. This is due to the insufficient number in the body of nutrients.

If there is at least one of these signs that should be alarming to humans, but if this symptom is not one, but several of them, it is best to immediately communicate with a specialist.

There are some specific symptoms of parasites in humans:

specific symptoms of parasites
  1. Fatigue, which is accompanied by a nightmare. The phenomenon is particularly observed when the Central nervous system, together with worms, which create a shortage of nutrients due to poor absorption of all necessary trace elements.
  2. Problems with the appetite. He or absent, or, on the contrary, greatly increased. The bitter taste in the mouth of man is the result of intoxication.
  3. Gnashing of teeth with a strong separation of saliva appears with the defeat of the worms nervous system and human liver.
  4. Pain in muscles and joints. This happens when damaged and inflamed muscle tissue in the presence of worms in the fluid of joints and muscles.
  5. Discomfort in the genital area. These symptoms occur in people infected with Trichomonas.
  6. Disorders in the immune system, which threatens to frequent colds and causes goiter.
  7. Oncological diseases, which occur due to chronic poisoning of the organism by parasites, failure of the immune system, long-term inflammatory processes in the body and deficiency of nutrients.
  8. Inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract. Sometimes familiar to us seemingly ordinary cough, with fever, discharge of phlegm and runny nose is not that other, as signs of migration of the parasites. Often ascariasis and similar diseases are accompanied by pneumonia.

There are cases when people are infected with parasites and often suffer from bacterial and viral diseases, waking up at night, have serious problems in weight, swelling of the eyelids, and dermatitis papilloma and don't pay attention to all these symptoms.

Experts strongly recommended to find out the causes of certain diseases and prevent the presence in the human body of worms. Women who were attacked by the worms may suffer from painful and irregular menstrual cycles, fibroids, fibroids, fibrocystic breast. Men who had discovered cystitis, prostatitis, sand or stones in the kidneys and bladder or adenoma it is also desirable to exclude the possible presence of worms.

In some cases, the presence of parasites can be determined and visual inspection of the potentially affected from worms to human. What are the symptoms must be evident?

Infection with helminths is defined as:

how to identify infestation
  • A person can be a lot of acne, freckles, his cover skin rough and pale, with early, visible wrinkles, age spots, warts. His nails without apparent reason are also in very poor condition – they are stratified and broken, cracked heels. These external signs indicate that the whole gastrointestinal tract may subjected to attacks Trichomonas, Giardia and other protozoa.
  • In children who are infected with the parasites are insufficient, inappropriate age, growth, underdeveloped ear lobe, the fingers themselves are shorter palms, poor, falling hair.
  • Expressed in the language of the man clearly visible white coating indicates that these fungi Candida expelled not only the language, but also the entire intestine, esophagus and mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Attempts remove the plaque from the tongue do not lead to positive results need treatment with medicines.
  • It is possible to detect pathogenic agents in the organism, analyzing all of his work.

At the slightest suspicion of the presence in the body "unexpected guests" and that at least a couple of symptoms, it is better not to hesitate and seek advice from the experts. Because parasites are ruthless creatures, which you better get rid once and for all.