Parasites in the human body: causes, symptoms and treatment

the appearance of parasites in the body

Nobody is immune to the occurrence of parasites, as we are in constant contact with the environment. However, it is necessary to understand that its timely detection and treatment are important, as they can cause many other diseases.

Parasites feed on cells and tissues in the body, absorbing all nutrients, useful substances and vitamins, and also poisoning the entire body with its waste.

How do you know if you are infected with parasites?

A person can live without knowing for a long time that he has parasites.The main symptoms include:

  1. Constant fatigue and excessive irritability;
  2. Constant swelling and flatulence;
  3. Sensations of nausea and lack of normal appetite;
  4. Rapid weight loss or weight gain for no specific reason;
  5. The appearance of all types of skin rashes and abscesses on the skin;
  6. Recurring pain in the joints and muscles.

These are the main signs, but there aremany secondary symptomsthat may indicate intoxication of the body. So, as soon as you encounter any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor.

If you found parasites, you should conduct a comprehensive search. This is important to determine the cause of the infection and the possible areas affected.

Notably, the symptoms and treatment of parasites in the human body are completely intertwined, so that only a doctor can prescribe the drugs you need.

Where can pests be located?

where parasites live in the body

more than 300 speciesof parasites, ranging from the smallest, microscopic, ending with large worms, which can reach several meters, can inhabit a person. Some people think that parasites can only live in the colon, but that is far from the case. In fact, they can be found anywhere in the body: in the eyes, muscles, liver, throat or heart. It should be noted that helminths can inhabit and grow in the body of an adult for decades, as they adapt well to different conditions.

Could there be plagues on human muscles?

Of course they can. Often, the muscles are affected by a type of parasitic infection, such as trichinosis. These are worms that can infect humans and animals. The main route of infection is the consumption of contaminated raw or poorly processed meat.

What types of parasitic organisms are there?

Several groups can be distinguished:

  1. First, there are worms. These include worms, worms and roundworms.
  2. Secondly, the simplest parasites are chlamydia, lamblia and intestinal trichomonas.
  3. Thirdly, these are parasites in the form of fungi - candida.
  4. Fourth, they are bacteria. This type includes Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus.
  5. Fifth, it's a virus. This category includes the herpes virus, smallpox or flu.

How can parasites enter the body of a healthy adult?

There aremany different forms of infection. Most common:

  1. When eating contaminated water or food. Food can sometimes be contaminated before cooking or during improper storage. Therefore, meat and fish must be well thermally processed to kill all unwanted organisms.
  2. Infection through the home contact route. It is worth mentioning that parasites can pass from one person to another, or through contact with pets. Therefore, you must carefully monitor your own hygiene and the cleanliness of your pets.
  3. You can also be infected by transmission. That is, the infection can occur through insects that suck blood.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the larvae of some parasitic organisms can enter the human body independently. A notable example is the larvae of the bush fly.

Which doctor treats parasites and how to diagnose them?

who treats parasites

After identifying the symptoms of the presence of parasites, you cansee a specialist doctor- this is a parasitologist. This specialist is usually referred by a general practitioner. But if you are sure that there are parasites in your body, you can contact it directly.

As for the diagnostic methods, feces can be donated for exams, but the result may not be totally reliable, because if the exams are done at the moment the parasite deposited its larvae, the analysis may not show their presence. Then, a second surrender will be required.

The most tested and reliable method is theblood test. With the help of this diagnosis, it is possible to establish the presence of antibodies that the body produces to fight parasites independently.

The most recent approach to diagnosis is the vegetative resonance test. This method provides the calculation of the electromagnetic oscillations that can be created by parasitic organisms.

What effect do parasites have on an adult's body? First, they disrupt the functioning of almost every organ, including the heart. This is due to the fact that parasites cause inflammatory processes that actively destroy tissues and cells.

For their growth and normal functioning, parasites use all the nutrients that come with food.

Parasite treatment and prevention: basic tips

Medical treatment involves several steps:

  • Preparation. At this stage, doctors recommend taking sorbents and enzyme preparations. The main thing is to clean the body thoroughly and relieve symptoms that indicate intoxication. For this, special medications must be taken, the dosage and hospitalization time must be determined by the doctor, since everything is purely individual.
  • Direct deworming. This is the main stage of therapy. The patient must take a course of medication, however, it must be understood that they are very toxic. Therefore, in no case should the dosage be exceeded, as a variety of consequences can arise. So far, scientists have developed drugs for a single dose. In addition to synthetic drugs, you can also use dietary supplements, which can treat parasites well and have virtually no side effects.
  • Recovery. The pills that help fight parasites are very toxic. Therefore, after the main course of treatment, one should drink probiotics, which will help to restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, you should also drink a general vitamin and hepatoprotective complex, which will help restore normal liver and gallbladder function. And you must also take care of your heart health, which can also be affected.

Folk remedies

folk remedies for parasites

There are alsofolk remediesthat help cleanse the body of parasites. These include: clove seeds, wormwood and green nutshells. People call this triad of remedies. In addition, the following means are used to fight parasites:

  • garlic with kefir.
  • onion infusion
  • .
  • absinthe tincture.

However, it is best to consult a doctor, who will select the correct treatment depending on the type of parasite and individual characteristics. Treatment depends directly on where the parasite was found, whether in the throat or some type of muscle.

Preventing parasites in humans

There aresome simple prevention rulesthat will help you live and not think about parasites. This includes:

  1. Maintain personal hygiene.
  2. Minimize contact with stray animals.
  3. Take good care of your pet's hygiene.
  4. Clean the apartment whenever possible.
  5. Wash food well before eating.
  6. Complete thermal processing of food products, mainly fish and meat.
  7. Do not use untreated water.

How common are worms and other parasites?

According to the scientists' calculations,almost every 4 peopleare infected with worms. Children become infected with it much more often, as they are more in contact with an infected environment. It is worms and other harmful organisms that can cause various chronic diseases. These include gastritis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis. It is worth mentioning that in the human body they can last for years, while constantly multiplying.

Therefore, it must be emphasized that it is impossible to answer unambiguously the question about what to drink from parasites. As soon as you identify several symptoms, immediately consult a doctor who will help you choose the right treatment. In addition, it is very important to carry out periodic preventive maintenance, especially if you have small children and animals at home.

Never self-medicate, as only a specialist can choose the most harmless and effective remedy.