Treatment of parasites with folk remedies

types of parasites in the human body

None of us is immune to parasites. For the infection to occur, a few seconds will be sufficient. You can't say the same about curing the parasites' bodies - this event will require a lot more time, effort and money.

The presence of parasites in the human body, as a rule, is accompanied by a series of painful sensations and a significant loss of vitality and energy.

This article will focus on folk remedies that, with minimal financial costs, will help to get rid of worms once and for all, rather than guarantee the strength of the health of the whole organism.

Tansy for parasites: how to take?

As an anthelmintic drug, popular formats such as infusion and decoction are used.

The reorganization of the body with tansy is done with care and caution, as this plant has a high degree of toxicity. It is not recommended to increase the dosage, especially for babies.

Do not use brown or excessively dry raw materials, as the active ingredients in such substances are contained in a minimum concentration.

Flower infusion

The recipe is used in traditional herbal medicine to deworming the human body. Very high efficiency in combating roundworms and pinworms.

How to cook:

  • We put about 20 g of tansy flowers in a container (for guidance - about two tablespoons of raw material);
  • Pour 1 liter of boiling water;
  • Leave to infuse for 1 hour.

For adults, the dosage is half a glass of this infusion before meals, 3 times a day.

For children - 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Enemas against worms

To combat the worms that live in the patient's intestines, cleansing enemas are quite suitable.

Basically, this method is more effective in defeating the intestines with moths, since the last parasites live in their lower parts.

Cooking method:

  • Knead a tablespoon of grains until powder forms;
  • Peel and cut two garlic cloves;
  • We heat the milk in a volume of 0. 5 liters;
  • Place the collection components in the milk;
  • Tomim 10 minutes from the time of boiling under the lid;
  • filtering.

The broth should be injected into the rectum and then kept inside for as long as possible. After these enemas, the feces come out with paralyzed parasites.

Garlic from parasites: how to take?

garlic to remove parasites from the body

There are many recipes against parasites, and most of them are characterized by their effectiveness. However, not all products are equally safe for the human body.

In total, the pungent spice has a harmful effect on parasites, increasing the resistance of the human body, in addition to killing associated bacterial infections.


Some parasitic infections "attack" the nasopharynx and lungs, which is why the larvae of many worms during the "journey" through the patient's body can be found on the walls of the larynx and in the lungs. Inhalation procedures, in this case, will be the most effective way to eliminate helminths.

For inhalation, you will need a clean teapot, a bandage flap and some garlic cloves.

Pass the garlic on a fine grater, wrap this dough in a dressing, acting with maximum efficiency. This bag is placed in the kettle, after which we close the lid tightly. We put the teapot in the mouth, pinch the nostrils with our fingers and inhale the garlic vapors deeply.

After that, we exhale, simultaneously opening our fingers.

The initial procedure for this inhalation should not last more than 2 minutes and, in the future, this time may be gradually increased to 10-15 minutes. You will need to perform 3 to 5 procedures - everything will come from the severity of your illness, as well as the garlic odor tolerance factor in general.

Milk with garlic

There is such a popular recipe, which involves preparing a drink from the seasoning with milk that can fight the worms that inhabit the digestive tract.

Rub 1 clove of garlic, fill with a glass of milk with 1 teaspoon of ground pepper and stir well. This mixture should be drunk in one sip. A single dose of this medicine per day will be sufficient, opting for this in the morning.

This is important!Only milk should be used to prepare the product. Fermented dairy products, such as yogurt and kefir, are not acceptable in this recipe.

Using a garlic candle

Garlic candles are very useful in the fight against "unwanted guests" in the form of parasites. To prepare them, mash several cloves of garlic with a fork or by hand. The resulting porridge should be poured with water and fermented for about 30 minutes. We dip cotton or a dressing swab into the resulting dye and then insert that candle into the anus for an interval of 20-30 minutes.

Roasted Garlic

Garlic tends to fight parasites in any condition. It has greater safety in the roasted form, therefore, this method is more regulated for the younger generation and for the mild forms of the disease.

Bake some garlic cloves in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Dosage - Try not to take more than 50 grams per day.

Genghis Khan recipe

removing parasites from the body with the help of garlic

If you want to reproduce the recipe, it is recommended to consume garlic on an empty stomach. Closer to bedtime, you should clean a head and cut the blackheads so that they do not exceed the size of an average pill, otherwise you may have difficulty swallowing a piece. Once everything is set up, start eating one clove of garlic at a time with plenty of water.

A similar treatment according to the "Genghis Khan" method must be duplicated within 1 month.

The main condition for adhering to treatment with a similar technique is that garlic is eaten on an empty stomach and is not chewed.

Honey and garlic

Let's start with the recipe for making a honey-based garlic mixture:

  • We clean the garlic cloves, squeeze 300 ml of their juice, add fresh bee honey (0, 5 kg), mix the ingredients well and simmer for about half an hour, stirring occasionally;
  • The hymen formed during the boiling process, remove with a spoon;
  • We give the patient 1 tablespoon of the mixture 4 times a day before meals.

Cloves for parasites: how to remove?

Cloves with their abilities are used to eliminate all types of pests from the human body. Cloves are used in completely different types, consistencies and shapes, both in the form of decoction and powder, and in the form of combinations with other useful herbs.

Clove powder

To make the clove powder, it is quite possible to use a homemade coffee grinder, from which the dried flowers of the plant follow. Then, the resulting substance should be taken orally three times a day, watered with clean water in sufficient quantity.

If these procedures are performed within 1 month, there will be no trace of parasitic microorganisms in the body of a sick person.

To consolidate the result and prevent reinfection, such manipulations should be repeated approximately 2 times a week. Today, almost all grocery stores and supermarkets have inflorescences for sale, in addition to the shape of powdered cloves.

A contraindication for such therapy is only individual intolerance to the components.

Carnation and flax seeds

cloves and flax seeds against parasites

Grind the cloves and flax seeds to a powdery consistency. We mix these components in a ratio of 1 to 10, respectively.

We take this medicine 20 g 3 times a day and drink it with water.

The duration of this treatment is 3 days. After that, we take a 3-day break and double the course. We performed this stock algorithm in 30 days.

Carnation and absinthe

Grind absinthe and cloves until they are powdered. We mix the components in equal proportions. We take 1 spoonful of the mixture once a day - half an hour before dinner.

The duration of the treatment course is 3 weeks. The recommended dosage for the treatment of helminthic invasions in children is ½ teaspoon.

Children cannot stand the bitter taste of absinthe and therefore resist taking medicine. Therefore, it is recommended to sweeten the water with honey.

Clove and yarrow, hawthorn, tansy, absinthe

Combine dried cloves with thousand leaves, hawthorn, tansy and absinthe in equal proportions. Grind the ingredients.

Dosage for an adult patient - one teaspoon once a day - before breakfast, for babies - ½ spoon.

Carnation and absinthe, tansy

Mix equal parts of cloves with absinthe and tansy. Grind to a powdery consistency and then use 3 g of the product once a day - in the evening, before eating.

Carnation: decoctions and tinctures

Medical infusion application

Steam 1. 5 g of chopped spices in boiled water, 200 ml. Let it ferment. After 1 hour, we filter and drink 1/3 cup of the medicine 3 times a day.

Broth against worms and ascaris

Pour 2 g of cloves with boiled water, 300 grams. We put the container on the stove, we wait for the composition to boil. Leave to infuse for 0, 5 hours. We drink 50 ml of the medicine three times a day. It is not advisable to prepare a decoction and an infusion for future use, as the essential oils evaporate quickly and the medicine, as a result, loses its anthelmintic properties.

Wormwood from parasites: how to remove?

The most affordable way to reorganize the body during parasite infection is a decoction of absinthe. This method is also quite suitable for preventive purposes.

We drink the broth on an empty stomach and after that we don't eat for about 2 hours.

It is not prohibited to use this broth throughout the day.

Decoction of parasite absinthe

decoction of absinthe against parasites


  • 1 tablespoon of dry absinthe;
  • 1 cup of boiled water

We fill the raw materials with water and place them to heat in a larger container. After about 15-20 minutes, the broth will be ready - just pass it through the filter.

Strengthening and complementing the actions of absinthe is achieved as follows: add other medicinal herbs to it.

Anthelmintic herbal infusion


  • 1 teaspoon of absinthe;
  • 1 teaspoon of chamomile
  • 1 teaspoon of St. John's wort;
  • 1 teaspoon of immortela;
  • 1 teaspoon of oak bark;
  • 500 ml of boiling water.

Mix the dried herbs, pour into a thermos and pour boiling water. We insisted on the medicine for about 8 hours. The infusion is filtered. We have a glass on an empty stomach.

The course of treatment is 10 days. During the therapy period, you must follow a vegetarian diet.

This recipe with parasite absinthe is especially recommended for the diagnosis of giardiasis.

Bitter wormwood with pumpkin seeds

Mix the absinthe leaves in a dry, crushed 1: 1 ratio with crushed pumpkin seeds and pour the resulting mixture with vodka (noting a 1 to 3 ratio).

We infuse this drink in a warm place for 1 week. The resulting medicine is advised to be taken on an empty stomach, 50 grams twice a day.

This therapy will be quite effective if the course is carried out within 14-21 days (according to the doctor's prescription).

Bitter wormwood enemas

The method of administering anthelmintic enemas is quite effective.

To prepare the broth, pour 1 liter of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of dry absinthe (leaves), then boil for 30 seconds on the fire, and then insist for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool the resulting stock to 42 ° C (at least that temperature) and then filter it from the grass. These enemas are made with heat; the time of day for use - before going to bed at night; volume - no more than 100 ml.

Vegetable juice

A very effective anthelmintic agent is wormwood juice, to which honey is added in a 3 to 1 ratio. This juice is recommended for babies to take in the diagnosis of helminth infections.

Turmeric for parasites: how to take?

turmeric to remove parasites from the body

Turmeric has been used to combat helminths in several ways. However, if you read the numerous reviews, you may conclude that it will be sufficient to regularly add turmeric to foods for a preventive effect and to prevent the appearance of this "infection" in the body.

It should be noted its excellent combination with a variety of dishes that will become not only more tasty, but also priceless for human health.

In addition to using this spice only as a seasoning, you can prepare turmeric remedies at home that can have a harmful effect on parasites and optimize the digestive process:

  • We take ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric, a tablespoon of honey, mix these ingredients in ½ glass of water, after which you can take this anthelmintic infusion twice a day - in the morning andin the evening, preferably before meals;
  • You should take half a teaspoon of ground turmeric, a tablespoon of blueberry leaves, mix and cook in 0. 5 liters of boiling water. This mixture should be infused for 20-30 minutes and then drink ½ cup before meals;
  • Turmeric with milk. Simply dissolve a pinch of this spice in 1 glass of milk and drink it (recommended before bed). This tool perfectly removes toxins from the body, which implies its recommendation for use in the diagnosis of parasitic invasions;
  • Take the turmeric, ginger and garlic, grind these ingredients and mix until you get a homogeneous mass. Then, we take a spoon of this substance on an empty stomach and also before bed. This medicine can be recommended both for parasites and for the prevention of respiratory diseases.

Enhance your diet with fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich foods to maximize the effects of saffron.

Tar from the parasite: how to take it?

The most common recipe

This recipe has been used successfully by many people around the world and countless reviews on the world wide web are proof of that.

The main requirement to achieve the desired effect is compliance with all the canons and nuances of the birch tar usage scheme.

We're going to need freshly squeezed apple juice.

After preparing all the components, feel free to start using this tool. Therefore, you must follow the scheme below:

  • First day.A drop of tar is added to 1 tablespoon of juice, this medicine is taken;
  • 2-7 days.Every day we increase the amount of tar in one drop;
  • 7-30 days.½ teaspoon of birch tar is drunk.

Following a similar course of treatment, we take an interval of 3 months, after which the use of the medication is doubled. However, this repeated course has lasted 5 days, each of which must be taken in ½ teaspoon of tar diluted in 1 tablespoon of juice.

Treatment continues for six months. The beginning of each month for 3 days is marked by the ingestion of 3 drops of the medicine added to the apple juice. There should be three meals a day, 20 minutes before meals.

This is important!By using the medicine under this scheme, it is really possible to get rid of absolutely all parasites in the body. However, we do not recommend treating your baby this way until a preliminary consultation with a doctor is performed.

Drink water with tar

tar to remove parasites from the body

Many people, wanting to get rid of worms, use tar water for ingestion. The proportional proportion of tar to water should be 1 to 8.

The ingredients of this "potion" are mixed with a wooden spoon. The mixture must be kept for 2 days, and at the end of this period, the solution is drained until the foam and sediment disappear. The finished medication should be kept in the refrigerator, as a warm place will impair the preservation of its beneficial properties.

This medicine is taken every day, one tablespoon.

The duration of the course of treatment is 3 series of 10 days, between which 10-15 days must pass.

Pure tar against parasites

The drug mixture is initially prepared. A ½ cup is filled with boiled water, then add 5-10 drops of tar and mix well. This medicine should be taken every day for two weeks. Then, we have a 10-day break, and after we have doubled the use of the medication according to the principles above

Tar with bread

This tool worked well on the positive side.

The essence of the preparation: before bed, we eat a small piece of bread, previously dripping 5 drops of tar on it. After that, we ate right away. We don't drink or apprehend this medicine with anything, we can take a break until the next day.

In the morning, the next day, the number of drops should be increased by 1 unit until the daily dose reaches 10 drops. In addition, the dosage of 10 drops is extended by 10 days. After that, the amount of medicine is reduced by 1 drop a day to 5 drops, respectively (in reverse order). The course must last 24 days.

Recommendations to enhance the effect of the above worms cure method:

  • careful adherence to the treatment regime, avoiding going beyond it;
  • perform a similar cleaning every six months, preferably in spring and autumn;
  • doctors advise 14 days after the end of treatment to duplicate the same treatment, but instead of bread, the auxiliary product should be an apple.

Folklore "glorified" of honey with birch tar

The course lasts 12 days, during which you must take a spoonful of honey with a part of the birch medicine every day before bed. For this method, it is ideal to use liquid flower honey.

As in the previous recipe and schedule, you should not eat or drink after taking this medicine.

When treating in this way, you need to eat 1 teaspoon of honey with a drop of birch elixir. Each subsequent day of the course should increase the dose by 1 drop. In total, from the ninth to the 12th day, you should drink only 8 drops of the medicine.

This is important!In case of intolerance (flavor) to the tar itself, you can, exceptionally, make a snack with a small portion of honey.

A few days after taking the product, you will notice a noticeable improvement in the general well-being of the body, and the parasites will start to leave your body naturally with the feces.

Tar and milk

Every day on an empty stomach, we drink ½ cup of warm milk orally, to which we first add birch tar.

To start, the dosage will be 1 drop, gradually increasing by 1 unit per day to 10 drops. Then, we take an interval of 7 days for the subsequent doubling of the course, of 10 days, however, with a dosage of 10 drops daily.

This is important!You should not skip a day of taking the medication to obtain the maximum beneficial effect for your body and get rid of parasitic microorganisms as soon as possible.

Birch tar with apple puree

birch tar against parasites

A small apple should be finely grated until pureed. After grinding into a homogeneous mass, he introduces 5-10 drops of tar. In the first few days, the dosage will be 1-2 drops and increases each day.

The above remedy, like previous medicines, is taken at night, before going to sleep. The duration of the treatment course is 14-21 days, but this is the main course, and all subsequent additional and duplicate courses are defined according to the degree of helminth attack to which the body has been exposed.

Flaxseed oil for parasites: how to take?

The best remedy for worms of various types and "breeds" are dried flaxseeds, namely those that have not been treated in any way.

Flaxseed oil is taken 30 minutes before meals. To get rid of helminths effectively, take about 5 teaspoons of oil a day.

To make the parasite extermination effect as close as possible to the ideal, we recommend adding various tinctures and decoctions to the oil.

Flaxseed recipe against worms:

  • We take 2 g of crushed plant seeds, put in a thermos, pour 400 ml of boiling water;
  • Steam for about 12 hours;
  • Drink 120 ml of broth 30-40 minutes before meals.

To eliminate ascaris from the body, remember the following recipe:

  • you need a clove and its seeds, crushed flax seeds, boiling water (0, 2 l);
  • pour boiling water over the chopped flax seeds;
  • simply chew dried cloves.

Due to its bitter taste, cloves can paralyze helminths and other parasites. After chewing, this plant is watered with a decoction of flax seeds.

Flax seed for parasites: how to remove?

Recipes for using flax seeds against parasitic microorganisms.

flax seeds to remove parasites from the body

It is generally accepted that flaxseeds that have not been heat treated are the best parasite control agent.

We recommend taking this medicine for 7 to 10 days in the morning and in the evening in the amount of 2 tablespoons before meals. Crushed seeds in a pure and untreated form carry the greatest load of effectiveness in anthelmintic control.

When you are being treated with flaxseed or oil, you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day, which will speed up the metabolic process (metabolism) and help eliminate harmful accumulations in the body.

How to drink hydrogen peroxide from parasites?

To get rid of intestinal parasites, you need to ingest hydrogen peroxide according to the universal scheme:

  • Start cleaning - 1 drop of 3% solution diluted in 50 ml of water. It is recommended to use mineral or distilled water, but not ordinary chlorinated water. These solutions should be taken 3 times a day, 2-30 minutes before eating;
  • Second day - 2 drops of peroxide in the same amount of water. In such an arithmetic progression, the number of drops of hydrogen peroxide increases according to the number of days of treatment. The final dosage of the course is 10 drops dissolved in water, we drink 3 times a day;
  • 3 days the body will need a break;
  • Start of the second course with an unchanged dosage of 10 drops every day for 3 days;
  • 3 days - break;
  • Then, with a constant dosage of 10 drops, a few more days until the total days of the course is 21 days.

Dosage for babies:

  • between 10 and 14 years old, the highest dose is 5 to 8 drops 3 times a day;
  • at 5-10 years - from 2 to 5 drops;
  • up to 5 years - 1-2 drops.

There is also a more sophisticated method of cleaning the body against helminthiasis using a rectal dropper (through the anus):

  • Boil 1 teaspoon of bitter wormwood in 200 ml of water for a few minutes;
  • Let it cool;
  • Filtering;
  • Complete with cold boiled water instead of boiled water. To restore the desired volume of 200 ml;
  • Add 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide solution (3%);
  • Pour this liquid into a 200 ml container and connect the blood transfusion system to it.
  • Cut the needle and melt the pipe in the fire;
  • Lubricate the end of the tube with petroleum jelly;
  • We fix the system at the level of 2 meters and insert the tube in the anus (anus);
  • Inject 20-30 ml of liquid in a jet and hold until the urge to defecate appears;
  • Empty the intestines and then introduce the rest of the mixture, 1 drop every 1 second;
  • Repeat daily for 1 month. As a rule, worms come out in a semi-digested form, often in the form of mucus.