How to get rid of parasites in the body: traditional medicine

effective methods of treating parasites in the human body

A remedy for parasites in the body can also be a popular remedy if, for example, the patient has an intolerance to drugs.

However, these agents must be prescribed by a doctor, as parasitic diseases can be caused by different pathogens, whose vital activity is also suppressed by different means.

Should we get rid of parasites?

Human parasitic diseases are divided into helminthiasis (caused by worms) and protozoan infections (caused by protozoa). These and others can be dangerous for the human body.

Thus helminthiasis causes disturbances in the functioning of the intestines, the products of its vital activity disturb the functioning of the liver, reduce the ability to work and, in children, delay physical and neuropsychic development. In addition, they contribute to the sensitization (allergy) of the body and create a favorable backdrop for the development of allergic diseases. Protozoa are no less dangerous.

Trichomonas are the causative agent of sexually transmitted infections.

Giardia is especially dangerous for children, in which it can cause poisoning and allergic diseases.

How parasitic infections are treated

If you suspect a parasitic infection, consult your doctor. He will first have an exam and then prescribe an appropriate medication to treat the identified illness. In that case, all indications and contraindications for the indication of this medicine must be taken into account.

Sometimes the patient is intolerant of drugs or simply does not want to use "chemistry". In that case, the doctor may prescribe a folk remedy for parasites in the body.

Folk remedies, like medicines from a pharmacy, cannot be absolutely safe, as a certain dosage of them is necessary to destroy parasites, which most often have side effects. Only a doctor can take into account all the nuances of the action of folk remedies for parasites.

Traditional medicine recommends:

    Citrus seed powder
  • (wormwood); the plant's inflorescences are harvested in August, before flowering, dried, ground in pestle and mixed with jam or honey according to the following scheme: 1st day - diet (excludes fats, fried foods, sweets) and laxative at night; On the 2nd and 3rd days, adults take a teaspoon of a mixture of citrus seeds and jam 3 times a day half an hour before meals; a laxative is administered at night; helps well with ascariasis;
  • infusion of bitter wormwood; 2 teaspoons of chopped herbs, pour 1. 5 cups of boiling water into a thermos overnight, strain in the morning and drink 3 times 1, 5 hours before meals; the course of treatment is 2-3 weeks; infusion is contraindicated in pregnancy; helps with ascariasis and enterobiasis;
  • infusion of tansy flowers; pour a tablespoon of chopped flowers with a glass of boiling water, insist until it cools and take a spoon 3 times a day; the duration of treatment should be discussed with the doctor; infusion is contraindicated in pregnancy; helps with ascariasis and enterobiasis;
  • Pumpkin
  • is ​​an excellent remedy for parasites in the body; pumpkin seed powder; raw or air-dried seeds are peeled, leaving an internal green peel; 300 g of peeled seeds (single dose for an adult) are crushed in a pestle, then rinsed with two to three tablespoons of water and placed on a plate with the ground seeds; add 2 tablespoons of honey or jam and mix well; the resulting mixture should be taken on an empty stomach, lying in bed in small portions for an hour; 3 hours after the procedure, you need to take a laxative and after half an hour do an enema; you can only eat after cleaning your intestines; effective and safe remedy to get rid of tapeworms;
  • pumpkin seed decoction; 500 g of pumpkin seeds (adult dose) are crushed together with the skin in a meat mincer or pestle, poured with twice as much water and evaporated for two hours over low heat in a water bath, without boiling; the broth is filtered, the oil film is removed from its surface and drunk on an empty stomach for half an hour; 2 hours after ingesting the broth, it is necessary to take a laxative; helps to get rid of tape worms;
  • pumpkin seeds gymnosperms (without hard skin); can be consumed without treatment, 150-200 g per reception;
  • decoction
  • of gymnosperm pumpkin seeds; prepared in the proportion of 150 g of seeds per 450 ml of water in a water bath for one hour; after that, the broth is filtered and taken; adult dose - 400 ml;
  • infusion of pomegranate peels; pour a teaspoon of mashed crusts with half a glass of boiling water, insist until it cools and take a teaspoon 4 times a day with a daily enema at night; the course of treatment is one week; helps well with tape worms.